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The Tories declare war on Scotland

Destroy the SNP

As the Express writes they believe a primary motivation for Theresa May calling the General Election is to 'destroy Nicola Sturgeon', a way to deal with 'The Scottish Problem'.

Despite claiming the critical Brexit negotiations were so important that it means a Scottish Independence referendum would be inappropriate at this time, potentially too disruptive to these fragile negotiations, Theresa May has defined that it's perfectly fine to hold a General Election in seven weeks, that the 'unity' the country needs at this time will come from a hyper aggressive move to destroy their democratic opposition, one also defining a permanent line of division between Scotland and England.

It can be easily concluded the primary motivation is to press home a wounded Labour and entrench a large majority through their annihilation, and it's also likely they know they're unlikely to dent the SNP stronghold and thus the end result will be a UK defined explicitly as a Scottish & English divide, represented by the SNP and Tories respectively.

In short we seem to be entering a very dark time when the primary fracture point of the UK is not it's exit from the EU, but this ever-growing divide between Scotland and England, and it's intimidating to consider where that may lead, when you consider the growing rise of race crime et al across the UK, thanks to Brexit.

IndyRef2 vs The Tories

I'm guessing the Tories are seeing the quick opportunity for a two-step move where a consolidated England vote will give them the power base to resist their primary threat, the growing IndyRef2 movement.

While the Express would be rightly rubbished as a credible newspaper, the extremism of their views is one that is increasingly become mainstream and defining the new Brexit national identity, and it is quite astounding the level of anti-SNP and ultimately anti-Scottish sentiment is conveyed through these messages. What is especially notable about it is the headline status it achieves. At a time of Brexit, Trump et al you would have thought 'Wee Kranky' would make for fairly low-scoring news items to your average Express reader.

In contrast the latest anti-Sturgeon piece often warrants the top headline story, and is fed by a dizzying volume of coverage - Nicola Sturgeon ordered to DELAY referendum, Referendum attracts no support, Back anyone but Sturgeon, Sturgeon misleading public, all within just a few days, and on and on.

Indeed it conveys the core challenge that 'Citizen Journalism' activities are intended to address. Sites like Wings Over Scotland offer a beacon in the light where the anti-thesis is on offer, and we can grow more of this momentum.

This is important as one key way to resist this darkening trend is to refuse to be defined by it. Many Scots and English would be equally horrified to see their potential friendships be warped to such an extent, and similarly many Scots and English are united in their opposition to the Tories and all they represent.

It may transpire that yes, the major battle for the Tories in the UK is the SNP, but this does not automatically follow that it represents a divide between the people's, simply that the Scottish IndyRef movement has become a vehicle for far more than Independence for one nation, it's become a primary weapon for opposing the Tories at a time Labour have evaporated as an official Opposition.

IndyRef2 can become a movement that English indeed that any other people's can embrace, and be embraced by, to support a resistance campaign challenging the total destitution of the welfare class to feed the endless greed of the rich.

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