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The Journey to Yes – Choosing a different path

An especially powerful dynamic to explore are those voters who said No in the last vote but intend to vote Yes this time around, a theme that has been entitled the 'Journey to Yes' that we will showcase on an ongoing basis.

In one of these interview videos, Mike Daly a Glasweigan solicitor advocate, describes how he campaigned for No primarily due to the promise of staying in the EU, what was proven a fallacy, and how now it feels like an entirely different era, even though it was only a few years ago, of course due to Brexit.

His conclusion was Scotland faces ongoing harmful austerity and becoming part of an isolationist England-centric UK, and thus he has been undergoing a realization of the requirement for Independence.

Mike describes his ideal vision for a future Scotland is a nation that chooses a different path, one that prizes Scotland as an egalitarian nation, one that doesn't punish the poor through sanctions and other vindictive policies nor scapegoat immigrants as the causes for issues with our economy.

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