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Social media strategies for Independence campaigners

A key goal for this site is to provide a support function to active campaign teams, those working diligently to help their MP win a victory for the Indy cause.

For example via an article theme of 'Meet Your MP', this article was published to promote Mairi McAllan, which I wrote and promoted to document how Facebook can be used for this type of political campaigning, in two main ways:

The primary distinction was interesting in that as you would expect, within the user groups the post is only reacted to in a very positive way. Once 'out in the open' most of the interaction was negative.

Facebook Ads - Leveraging Social Media for Demographic Targeting

The most important fact to highlight about the Facebook Ad reach was it busted the myth that social media is all about young people. Indeed it reached very few people under 30, the bulk of the audience reach was concentrated in the 55+ age group.

The ad cost $20 and delivered:

  • reached 3,012 people and got 385 post engagements.
  • 24% are women and 74% are men
  • This post got 67 Post Comments, 2 Page Likes, 167 Link Clicks, 9 Post Shares, and 142 Post Likes

The main recommendation I would highlight is that online teams should be ready to engage. Inevitably it attracts hostile commenting but you never know who is in the extended audience who are reading but not commenting, these could be Undecided Voters who are influenced by these exchanges, especially powerful when you consider the decisive role the 55+ age group played in the No vote.

Facebook Groups - Harness Community Support

In contrast the Facebook groups are 100% positive responses, as you would expect given they are all already Yes voters. 🙂

So these are better approached not from a goal of advertising and reach, but rather community organization - Helping recruit more volunteers, encouraging crowdfunding donations etc. However saying that it is also worth highlighting the 'reshare factor' - Ie. these are the ideal seeding points for posting articles that you would like to encourage be shared in a viral manner.

I tested these groups with these responses:

Next Steps

This small campaign step was intended as a prototype that we build upon and repeat for all the SNP MPs. We'd welcome further 'Meet the MP' articles (submit here), which we will work together to promote.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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