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Meet your MP: Mairi McAllan – Ridding Scotland of The Last Tory

I am keen to make as positive a story as possible, focusing on the potential greatness of a realized vision of Scottish Indepenence, and not participate in the muck slinging that is inherent to our current mode of politics.

However to start our 'Meet Your MP' series it's worth making an exception, highlighting that SNP candidate Mairi McAllan is standing against David "Food Bank" Mundell, the Last Tory in Scotland.

#GE2017 - General Election

Right - If he is defeated and no other Tory wins, Scotland has rid themselves of the Tory party, forever. That's such an exciting potential future of such great benefit to Scotland, it's worth highlighting! 🙂

Here is David being warmly welcomed by his constituents, after proudly opening yet another Tory Food Bank.

In contrast Mairi enjoys this kind of community endorsement, and You can support Mairi in reversing this terrible trend through this crowdfunding campaign.

Mairi McAllan, SNP

Mairi was brought up and schooled in Biggar before leaving to earn her degree in Scots law from University of Glasgow. She is currently trainee commercial solicitor and when not working, helps her partner Iain, run his beef and sheep farm in the Crawick Valley near Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire where they live.

An active community campaigner and a passionate advocate for rural Scotland, she is determined to play her part in safeguarding Scotland from an unopposed Tory government hell-bent on further austerity. Electing strong voices like Mairi can help protect Scotland’s schools, hospitals and pensions from unnecessary Tory cuts.


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    Martin Conroy May 14, 2017 at 9:42 am

    Will you stand up to your masters and help end abortion? Until the SNP (and any other party for that matter) endeavours to help the smallest and weakest members of the human family, I won’t be giving my vote to anyone. Abortion is the greatest human rights issue of our time so what will you do about it?

    • Reply Profile photo of ScotVote Editor
      ScotVote Editor Customer May 14, 2017 at 12:29 pm

      Hi Martin – Thanks for the comment. Can I ask: Is this an electoral issue for you, would a certain policy influence your vote one way or another? And do you know if there is variance across the party policies on this particular issue, ie is the SNP policy any different from others?

      Genuine question I don’t know, and I want to use the site tagging feature to highlight ‘Election Issues’, so we can organize debate around what matters most to voters. Thanks!

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