Digital Economy Platform

Our Digital Economy Platform report is intended to provide a snapshot of the latest global technology trends, from AI through Cloud Computing, and describe how they might be best applied to advance the economy and digital government services for Scotland.

Platform Business Model


Rebooting on the Blockchain

Featuring guest author contributions from Don and Alex Tapscott, recent co-authors of Blockchain Revolution, setting the tone by proposing that Scotland should be one of the first nations to seize the Blockchain opportunity and harness this technology into their vision for an Independent Scotland.

Table of Contents

  • Blockchain Democracy - A Technical Blueprint for Blockchain-enabled digital services, addressing critical requirements such as Secure Digital Voting as a first step, with multiple applications longer term as part of a catalyst economic initiative.
  • Startup Showcase - Highlight emerging Scottish technology companies that are at the heart of these opportunity trends, such as MaidSafe based in Troon.

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