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Scottish Independence – A Global Brand Campaign

A common theme of Project Fear is that even talk of a referendum scares off businesses and lowers house prices, which of course misses the single most essential theme - That actually:

IndyRef is the ideal campaign vehicle for growing the economy.

My all time favourite IndyRef story thus far is this one, about Scottish firm Enterprise Screen expanding in the USA, boosted by his accent and the interest drummed up for Scotland, by the politics of the country.

Ie. IndyRef itself is a brand campaign for Scotland, and a very powerful one too. Yes there's a bit of shortbread and Braveheart in there but every nation plays to their stereotypes, in a positive way, when developing memorable campaign brands.

I've not been a fan of any of his prior articles but I thought this Scotsman piece by Euan McColm was an adult response to the booing of Nicola Sturgeon 'galavanting around the USA, not doing the day job'. Euan makes the obvious point that what better success factor of that day job than being a productive global ambassador, a beacon for and deal maker of international business.

With Theresa May also doing the equivalent role, the contrast between hawking weapons of murder to various dictators, verus Nicola Sturgeon speaking at Stanford and the UN, promoting positive messages about the responsibilities of powerful women role models in politics and society, the ironic contrast is striking.

These are timely, global themes, important to audiences all over the world, and as a consequence these values have a striking impact, one of great value when you consider these simple trade stories and broader considerations of national brands abroad.

And when delivered from such prestigous, global platforms, in an age of communications by social media sharing, these activities also generate the ideal media assets for the very motivated Indy Army to proliferate online, meaning of course again to an internal network of friends and family. Every set of eyeballs influenced grows the Brand of Scotland and boosts potential for tourism, purchasing of our products abroad and international success of businesses like Enterprise Screen. Especially so at a time with deals like this TripAdvisor partnership being signed.

Oil is just one tiny part of Scotland's economy, our history of ingenuity begs to be combined with our full workforce including creative industries, technologies and a myriad others, with the catalytic, galvanizing political shift of Independence, that would cause global ripples and an even bigger Scottish wave for our businesses to surf.


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